Tholi Prema vs Inttelligent


Varun’s “Tholi Prema” is produced by BVSN Prasad, but its Dil Raju who decided the release date since he owns the complete theatrical rights. Sai’s “Inttelligent’ is bankrolled by C. Kalyan. Neither Dil Raju nor Kalyan is in a mood to change their film’s release date despite both these experienced filmmakers know that both films will be affected as a result of clash.

Tholi Prema was the first film to confirm Feb 9 slot. Kalyan however is determined to release Inttelligent on the same day. Two theories are making rounds about why he took such a stubborn decision. One – he feels that both films can find their audience as they belong to two completely different genres, Tholi Prema is a sensible love story and Intelligent is an action thriller. Two – to settle an alleged personal score with Dil Raju.


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